Three days into La Grave and a lot has happened. muskles are tired and we are generally tired but in good spirits (actually exellent spirits).

Today started slow with a nice run down the west side of the mountain. Through the "Banana" and accross the traverse. One of the guys didnt see a jump and manage to sprain his ankle badly. An hour later and a chopper rescue done, we were back on track surfing the beatiful countryside. Back up, and we did some glacier runs and then had a nice offbeat ride down to P1 (first station from the base). However, after having thought the banana was bad enough we were confronted with another coulloire, even more mean than the banana.

Now we are back, chilling out in the skiiers lodge and having a few beers. Slomo just dumped the shit she was retaining when we whent down the coulloire and i am quitely and contentively hitting the keyboard... 13min left of internet time so got to "hang up"... and surf some weather forecasts... see you guys, was great seeing you in champery. Until soon...

For more info regarding the routes, click "legendary routes in la grave", scroll to the "Banana" and "Patou" and the "Click in"...
Click start in the picture in order to see the routes...

Picture of the banana / "Simon checks out the Banana Couliour" and "Andy rips the couliour"

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Absinthe teaser - FINALLY HERE!
The Absinthe teaser for their upcoming movie Futureproof is here! Dope ass action and a lot of powder from Yannick Amevet, Wolle Nyvelt, Trevor Andrew, Romain de Marchi, Nicolas Müller, Nic Droz, Matt Beardmore, Jussi Tarvainen, JP Solberg, Jonaven Moore, Gigi Rüf, Christoph Schmidt, Chris Coulter, Jules Reymond...


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I'm back!

Hello all, hope you had a great Xmas and New Year. I've just come back from summer to this??? Anyway, I hope you've all had a good time - feel free to add your holiday stories as comments so we can all laugh at other peoples misfortune...

Just to not entirely waste this thread - have a snowboard trick:

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