Thursday, 12. August 2004
Snack salads that are less healthy than burger’n’fries

SUPERMARKET “snack” salads can contain more fat than a burger, chips and pizza combined. A sample of salads bought from stores last week revealed that many have alarmingly high levels of salt and sugar.
One Tesco chicken and bacon salad sold as a £1.69 snack had nearly 60g of fat — more than contained in a Pizza Express margherita, a Big Mac and a portion of chips.

The concerns about the health hazards of prepared salads follows reports in The Sunday Times highlighting how producers lace products with excessive and unnecessary amounts of fat, sugar and salt.
......................... The Safeway pasta-based salad also contained 4.3g of salt — more than two thirds the recommended daily intake for an adult — and 33.8g of fat. This compares with a Big Mac and chips, which has 31.9g of fat. ......,,2087-1206964,00.html

I still have issues with Mc Donalds after watching Super Size Me ...

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Eating salads with daily meals can provide high nutritional value, which is indeed great for the health. We might think that we are eating salads to be kind to our waistline – but we should think again. Recently I heard in the news that McDonald's Caesar salad, to be launched this month, amid concerns over spiraling obesity levels, is more fattening than a burger.

There are host of good companies too like and others who can offer you some great salad mixes to make your salads more interesting.New varieties of salads would bring more delight to your family’s meals.

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