Tuesday, 20. September 2005

so very very scary. i really hope that this is a hoax.


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Art project from: http://www.brandejs.ca/

The fun begins on September 11th when Genpets goes up into Iodine’s store window facing out onto Queen street as well as in store. The Genpets will be placed in a newly designed display unit to showcase them to the public and will be up and running in the store until September 29th.

There's a bit more insight to the thinking (and reality) of genpets here: http://www.brandejs.ca/february2005.htm

I cut some more corners on thesis last night, couldn't sleep, just thinking and worked on it (only happens when I have to wake up for 7:30) ..., it caught my attention,... why are 18 things ALL moving. That would look like a circus. Very busy. Too busy. And I’m never about busy. I’m about subtle. People know that. Thus, you see the problem.

So I will make only 5 genpets move, and 12 will be 'sleeping' with only there chests rising up and down. They’re still animatronic I guess, but far easier than my original vision. But it makes more sense. So Hei, cool. I’m all for better yet simpler.

Beyond making things easier, it also cuts down costs. While there’s still at least 1 gear motor in each sleeper, I don’t need a microchip to do such a simple action. I can make a custom circuit based on a 555 timer IC. The cost of chip goes from $7 -> $1 for 12 of the packages. Not to mention servos etc I would have used on those packages. This will allow me to focus more on the quality of a few.

What else? Less programming! That’s 12 chips I don’t need to program! I was already beginning to sweat about that one, as they all needed different programs (200 lines of code x 12 + hours and hours getting the timing right for that code).

What else? All-Electronics ran out of the gear motors I need. I only have 10 right now. Not all 30. 4 years they’ve had them, and they happen to be out now. And where else do you find a discontinued obscure Gearmotor out of Mac floppy drives? People seem to want an arm and a leg for old floppies and I’m not paying $17 for a friggin motor. (all-electronics replied to my email to say they’re not getting any more in).

Also, I’m rather happy with discoveries into frost FX and other SFX materials (thanks to Nigel for pointing me to Van Dykes Taxidermy). I’ll be making 2 faulty units and these materials will make them look amazing. One will look to have frosted up, another goo-a-fied (tis a real word, frell you). Frost FX is expensive, but so are servos and microchips. So the package costs the same in the end.

Damn I’m cool.


I need to make quick stencils for lights embedded in the packages, I was using electrical tape or double sided printing, but then it hit me. Overheads! They’re not perfect, but they do well enough, and they’re a HELL of a lot faster! And I can make glowing text etc,.. opens up things a bit. $20 for laser printer ones was sucky, but, my inkjet ones suck.

A prototype design of the Genpet is on my desk…. Starring up at me.

Whether I like it or not, I don’t know. It’s cute, but too baby like.

I’ve hit a lot of problems with these. Hollywood really screwed me over. Anything not mammalian generally looks alien. Reptile features? Alien. Tentacles or flippers? Alien. It sorta limits me into making something that doesn’t look all that genetically altered. And whatever I sculpt has to fit in a package. I’m feelin the burn. (note : burn refers to sculptures block, no exercize beyond going to the couch to play Halo2 has been accomplished).

LED Madness! Blue Led’s are usually $3 each. I found a place, that when bought at 100, they’re 30cents each!!!! Little difference there.

So my fresh checkers will use 2-4 blue Leds each (total at about 60). I’m also considering placing a heart rate monitor in each pack. It’s extra cost and work, but I really like how the one in the prototype package looks.

Glass eyes? $5 a pair…. With my edited design, only 5 will require glass eyes.. so it’s not a matter of cost,. I’m just deciding, is it right to buy eyes? Or do I need to make them? (I can use sculpy + gloss)

I’m anal about issues like that. Every other artist out there cuts corners, and pays people to make things for them, so where does that line lie? It’s a small thing,… but still… there are certain things that differentiate me from every other asshole out there that simply staples moss to the wall…

So I’ve been working everyday, from when I wake up, till I go to bed (and I bring my sketchbook to bed with me) and it’s beginning to pay off I think. I still lack final plastics designs and the genpets, but I’m getting close…

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i buy a rotweiler, but please it must be super aggressive...

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Wicked, I must have got it right...

From: Adam Brandejs [----------]
Sent: 27 October 2005 17:31
To: -------------
Subject: genpets

Hi ben,
just wanted to say hello, as well as thank you.
I saw a message you had left on http://blank.antville.org/stories/1218373/#comments

about genpets, and it was obvious you'd really read and been interested in it. I thank you, that's really cool to have someone care about my work like that...

hope everything is going well, and I wish you all the best luck dude!

| Adam Brandejs :: www.Brandejs.ca |
| Artist / Commercial Sculptor / Mould-Maker |
| Circuit Design / Microchip Programming |
| www.Genpets.com Bioengineered Buddies! |

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how is this possible? theres no way this is real....is it? thats messed up, there playin God....

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wow these things r sooooo cute!! it's lyk a 4real deal!! i want 1 soooo bad bt my mom wnt let me!!

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